Countryhumans canada x america lemon

countryhumans canada x america lemon

I recently got into countryhumans, and I decided to write with them! Will do country x country, country x reader, cou The bar is loud and full of laughter. People are coming in after a tough day and leaving so drunk their friends have to help them get home.

In the center of the bar is a mechanical bull, which tons of people are being thrown off of. I'm not a drinker, actually, I'm the designated driver. I'm here with Russia, Canada, America, and Philippines. Things are going pretty well, until Russia- half drunk from all the vodka- gets a dumb idea.

countryhumans canada x america lemon

I'll go first! Someone time me! She runs over to the bull and hops on eagerly. Russia starts his timer. Poor sunshine barely lasts ten seconds, but she's still smiling enthusiastically. Canada refuses, but Russia and Ame pressure him into it. Canada lasts about thirty seconds.

He stares at me then smiles nervously. He manages about a minute, then comes back. Oooooohhhh boy. Ame stands up. As if! Sure, he's still got his flag and sunglasses, but that's it.If your not ok with that i suggest you click off k? I was cutting my arms I was sitting on my bed with a razor in one of my hands, tears were flowing down my face like waterfalls, i quickly wiped my tears away and bandaged up my arm then i hid the razor in the drawer right next to my bed.

Hurrying i tried to find my shades, once i found them i put them on and fake smiled. I opened the door to my room and got out quickly heading downstairs, all the other countries were minding their own business and didn't notice me coming in. I liked it when people didn't notice me. Russia saw the smaller male walking down stairs, he seemed a bit- down. Ame sat on the couch and stared at his screen, he was scrolling through instagram. Time flew by and it was dinner time, all the others just went to the kitchen and sat down, except for Ame.

A few minutes passed by and Ame was walking to a bar still having the cig on the side of his mouth, he took it out and threw it on the ground right before he entered. The American sat down on one of the chairs at the counter and ordered a beer, he decided drinking away the pain like usual. His drink arrived and he took a sip.

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After a few drinks the American was sitting with his head on the counter leaning on his arms, he started letting out a few sobs not caring if people heard, he just had to let it out. Ame took another sip of his drink, he didn't notice the taller form who just walked in and sat next to him.

I already felt like something was up when he said "i already ate" i didn't believe him. We were all done with eating and i saw that Ame was gone, i checked his room if he was there but he wasn't. So i thought of any other place he could be and then this place came to mind.

I sat down next to him, i dont think he noticed me. But then i saw a few bandages on his arm, his sleeve was slightly up, i could see a little blood. Dont you just love some good cliffhangers once in ya life?

The Watty Awards.While not completely finished, this takes some more significant edits before it can be Featured! Canada is often seen in a plaid button-up and either black pants or jeans. He wears a fur hat with a striped tail coming off the back of it, iconic of the fur-trade era early in his founding.

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His outfit reflects the lumberjack stereotype of Canadians although, it is true that we wear a lot of plaids. It can also be represented with Canadian ranger clothing. It can also be represented with the clothes that Nordic countries usually use in fact, European countries consider Canada as one of them despite being in the Americas. His body type is average, and he's seen as very weak. There are also representations with long incisive teeth referring to beaversbut this is rare. There is a lesser known version in which Canada is represented with clothes of the North American Indians.

This last representation is because Canada had adopted the way of life of the Indians. Most Canadians consider this offensive, however.

Female Canada is often seen with a green jacket, a red plaid button-up, and jeans just like her male counterpart. A less represented version wears a red dress, symbolic of the Red Dress movement.

Canada is pretty shy, timid and innocent. Canada just wants to live in his log cabin in the woods, without anyone bothering him. Sometimes it gets the best of him and he does asuddenly wanting to be the center of attention but this is rare.

Then of course, despite feeling sorry about it, he mistreats the First Nations for practically fun.

Countryhumans Canada X Reader Lemon

European countries usually consider Canada as one more country in Europe. Mainly, because Canada is the country that shares a culture, history, politics, economy, and society very similar to those of the European continent. Australia and New Zealand are also often seen in this way in Europe, especially in Euro vision, but not as much as Canada.

Depending on the situation, they manifest in him flag changes. Canada's flag is two red vertical lines with an pointed red maple leaf in the middle.

[ Chantaje •• Meme ] Countryhumans ( Russia x America) 15+

It comes from the national plant maple treenational identity, to separate Canada from being a colony. The two red bars are said to symbolize the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on either side of Canada.This is a contryhuman one shot books so their will be sexual things in this book and again cover dose not belong to me credit to the creative person who drew it.

Canada groans as he walks into the messy dorm that he shares with America. Annoyed at his older brother he pounds his feet against the hard wood floor stomping over to a pile of dirty clothes, leaning down he grabs a pair of dirty boxers of the living room couch cushions.

Canada makes a vary pissed and disgusted face before turning around and banging his head against the wall on the left side of the couch repeatedly groaning in pain as he hits his head relatively hard. Once Canada began to feel pain he stopped and gently rubbed his forhead as he hisses.

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He then looked around and started picking up the dirty clothing thrown everywhere and anywhere. As he picks up the clothing he trows them in a single pile in front or the couch. After Canada had the clothes in a pile he walked to the left side of the room and past front door he then walks up the stairs that lead to a long hallway and more rooms. When Canada reached the top of the stairs he took a right and walks to the bathroom, he opens the door and grabs a circular basket.

Canada picked up the basket and put it on his hip, he held it up with his right arm. Canada sighs and walks back downstairs after he made it back to the living room he walks in front of the couch and uses his left arm to scoop up the clothes and put them in th basket. After Canada did this he walked threw the living room and into the kitchen.

Canada sets the basket on the counter before checking the time. The clock read Canada groans knowing that America is probably in bed and Russia at work. He sighed and leaned on the wall forcing his weight on the wall behind him. As Canada was leaned against the wall his phone which was in his pants pocket begin to vibrate, confused he pulls his phone out out to find a new notification that was from Ukraine. Why would the Ukrainian possible want to talk with him?

Canada thought as he opens the message app the he received the notification from. Once Canada open the message from Ukraine he let out a small surprised gasp as he read the message.

Oh sure sounds fun what time would you like to meet up? Around 10 is good. We can meet at my house and wait for South Korea and Poland. Sure I will be over in a few. Canada turned off his phone with out waiting for Ukraine to respond. Instead he put his phone back in his pocket and jumped off the counter and threw the clothes in the laundry shoot next to the counter. Canada then looked at the clock on the stove it read Canada gasped and quickly ran upstairs to change into some clothes.

Once Canada ran upstairs to his room he kicks the door open and walks over to his bed were freshly folded and cleaned clothes lay. He picks out a red and black plad button up shirt, a solid gray t-shirt, black ripped jeans and a pair of of brown boots with fuzz on the inside and of course his raccoon tail hat. Once he was dressed he took a quick look in the mirror to make sure that everything is perfect.

Once he thought he was ready he grabs his phone out of his previous pants and placing it in his pocket he then walked over to his door and grabbed a thin brown sweater hanging on a coat rack.Canada x reader final you and your wonderful husband moved to a large house with a very open back yard. Posting two days in a row because i have so much time on my hands. I blink wait this isn t my tail i look to see who s tail it was it my cat cloud.

Countryhumans canada x reader lemon. It s probably like one month and it s already december i will surely miss this year.

Depressed! America x Russia PART 1

At least one figurine depicts him with completely orange hair. This oneshot is a little confusing if you don t know what s going on so please read the background context.

Wrong i woke up to my tail hitting my face. Canada x reader come from away. Sebastian was six now his hair had turned out to be exactly like his. It was christmas time and snow blanketed the ground. Three bed rooms three in a half baths very open and light. Canada x reader his hair is wavy and depicted at times as being two toned.

This oneshot takes place on 9 11 in newfoundland canada. December 14 20xx thanks y all for 1 reads. A lighter blond on top with more of an orange or darker blond shade on the bottom and tips.

Canada took a deep breath and began to walk down the hall tacking a quick right that leads to a staircase canada in a hurry sits on the bars of the stairs and slides down jumping on his feet and landing as he made it to the bottom.

Read russian empire x reader from the story countryhumans x reader on hold by russia is my daddy boffy simp with 2 reads.

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He has violet eyes though they have also been colored blue in some of the official art featuring him. The chilly weather was almost too much for you sometimes but matthew seemed to love it with a passion. On 9 11 hundreds of planes were rerouted and forced to. Your povtime flies so fast this year. Countryhumans Canada X Reader Lemon Canada x reader final you and your wonderful husband moved to a large house with a very open back yard.

I woke up like normal people right. Source : pinterest. Dmca Contact Privacy Policy Copyright.The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. The Confederate Battle Flag is alive- But it isn't what you might think. Dixie as he goes by nowadays has been stuck inside America's head all these years. First a v The Safe Haven by endmysufferingplz 7. There's facilities around the world that kidnap and experiment on their kind.

America happened to escape from one of those facilities. He is told that there's a safe ha This story can contain: -smut -fluff -lots of ships -suicidal thoughts -suicide a Best friends!

America x reader: Oh great.

Book 1 of 2 Best friends are meant to be together. Read, see and laugh with all your heart and make it feel warm with this cute little stories of 4 idiots in highschool America goes missing and a specific someone has to step in to prevent anyone from knowing that the worlds superpower, is in fact the world superpowers.

But everyone is s Swallowed into darkness was the first sight America had saw, his first thought to himself was, 'Where am I. Everyone thinks America is an irresponsible player. Little do they know, he has the greatest responsibility of all.

Every year wolves from all over the world come to attend the annual mating ceremony. It is the largest event to ever exist and is the most sacred to all werewolves. Dixies Little Problem by Cuppcak 1. Dixie notices something off about America. He mumbles to himself a lot, especially when stressed or doing paper work. Which would be normal, everybody does that at one p This is a Russia x America book so if you don't like that ship then please I advise that you don't read this.

Russia and America are both orphans living in the same orph Russia had always been a loner. No friends and no one interested in trying to be. It seemed as if everyone was afraid of him, which included his own family. And he liked Your average Countryhumans x reader.

Except you're shy, quiet, and people call you a doe.This is the date and time in which the cluster was updated with microsecond precision. A dictionary that gives a numeric summary capturing the distribution of distances from the cluster's center to each of the points that fall into its neighborhood. A status code that reflects the status of the cluster creation. Example: "My Seed" category optional The category that best describes the anomaly detector. Example: 1 constraints optional An experimental option which adds more predicates to each node in the tree.

These predicates help capture expectations about the data, making the tree more sensitive to anomalies. This option tends to inflate the anomaly scores and requires more CPU time to build and evaluate. However, it also seems to make the trees more effective at flagging anomalous data that was not in the training set.

It also seems to improve the forests effectiveness on categorical data. Specifies the fields that won't be included in the anomaly detector. Example: "MySample" tags optional A list of strings that help classify and index your anomaly detector.

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It includes the field's dictionary describing the fields and their summaries, the tree structures that makes the model up, and the top anomalies found in the dataset. See the Model Object definition below. Controls whether the frequency of repeated (or very similar) data points lower the anomaly score of the repeats.

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countryhumans canada x america lemon

Each tree conforms the Root Object definition. A list of floats with the relative importance for each field. The importances tell us which values contributed most to the anomaly score. A number between 0 and 1. The closer to one the more anomalous is the row.

A status code that reflects the status of the anomaly detector creation. Example: 1 complement optional If complement is true, complementary items are also taken into account. Example: "This is a description of my new association" Global numeric field transformation parameters.

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